I have always had a passion for monochrome. I fell in love with old black and white movies as a child in the 1970s. Like many others, I identify black and white with a bygone era – an age we associate with glamour and romance as much as the tragedy of war. I feel the use of black and white triggers a sensory association, a type of ‘sense memory’.
Consciously choosing black and white, and using a certain light or a particular costume detail, you can engage the viewer to suspend disbelief and claim a wisp of the elegance of that era for yourself. I think the choice is – in many ways – a rejection of the modern world and its sensibilities, which today are too often impersonal, brash, tawdry and gaudy.
If I'm in the studio I draw heavily on this rich monochrome heritage. Timeless scenes, and beautiful women, elegantly portrayed. For some these days this is no longer art, but I hope all would agree there is artisanship nonetheless.
I have achieved Associate status in the Royal Photographic Society, and I volunteer my time for photography to several charities.  I support my work by selling prints, offering portraits and tuition, and providing technical 'digi-ops' services to other photographers. 
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